Diesel Trucks: An opportunity for the Venezuelan market

The Hyundai company called on its customers to inquire about the vehicle's warranty

The use of diesel became, in the current circumstances, a key issue for Venezuelan freight transport.

Every day, the number of transport entrepreneurs who see in the use of this fuel an alternative to continue providing the service in a timely and efficient manner, for which  Hyundai Truck and Bus offers four models of trucks with immediate availability for Venezuelan market that work with this type of fuel.

The HD36L HD65, HD78 and Mighty EX8 models are already in the Hyundai truck dealership network to meet the needs of the Venezuelan market.

The HD36L is a light-duty truck with a 2.5L turbo diesel engine and a 6-speed transmission that develops up to 115 horsepower. It has a body length of 3.4 meters, which affects a greater volume of cargo and economy compared to other trucks in its segment.

The HD65 has a body length of 4.7 meters and up to 5.3 meters in the HD78 model, thus allowing greater versatility in load applications adaptable to its robust chassis. As for the gross vehicle weight, it is 6 and a half tons for the HD65 and 7.8 tons for the HD78. Both have a 3.9L turbo diesel engine aligned to a smooth 5-speed transmission designed to withstand constant gear changes.

For its part, the Mighty EX8 has a long carriage of 4,850 mm and a gross vehicle weight of 7.8 tons for a load capacity of 5,150 Kg. Its chassis was designed to safely withstand high torsional and bending forces and its Hyundai 3.9L diesel engine works in perfect harmony with the 5 speeds to provide the required power.

Ready to buy? Ask about the warranty

When buying a good, various elements are combined to make the final decision. Not only product attributes or the most favorable price are deciding factors: the warranty can be a real factor that can save you money and headaches.

The guarantee is one of the elements that give a certain idea of ​​the real value of a product, for example: the value decreases if the cost of repair or replacement is high. That is, if the product you buy must be repaired or buy a similar one within of little time, because it is not so valuable.

But the guarantee also serves to confirm that you are buying a quality product. If a brand gives you comprehensive guarantees, you can be sure that the product is durable.

In the automotive field, this element is essential, because even if the vehicle looks very good and is comfortable, you have to be sure that the investment is the right one so that you don’t have to constantly visit the mechanic.

In Venezuela, the guarantee offered by automotive companies is limited. That is why the recent offer of diesel trucks from the Truck and Bus division of the South Korean giant Hyundai was surprising. It guarantees up to 3 years without a mileage limit.

The HD36L, HD65, HD78 y el Mighty EX8 make up the Hyundai Truck and Bus portfolio, which also offers a large stock of spare parts and after-sales service through its network of Hyundai truck dealerships throughout the country. Undoubtedly a tempting offer for the Venezuelan freight transport market.

To learn more details and obtain all the information regarding marketing and after-sales, you can visit the website www.hyundaivenezuela.com or Instagram  account @Hyundaivzla.

With informatio from El Sumario

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