Opera launches browser with built-in crypto wallet

The main web browser launched the Opera Wallet own wallet and the 3.0 web browser that allows transactions in cryptocurrencies

Opera announced on Tuesday the launch of its purse for Opera Wallet cryptographic assets, as well as the Opera 60 browser. The main web browser will integrate the virtual private network (VPN) function to provide greater privacy and security to users.

It was learned that the Opera Wallet is synchronized “with the cryptocurrency wallet of the Opera browser for smartphones, so that the keys of the wallet never leave the smartphones of the users.”

When making a transaction on the blockchain platform, the client receives a notification on his smartphone and can authorize or not the procedure by means of facial recognition mechanism or fingerprint.

Undoubtedly, with the incorporation of the VPN (Virtual Private Net) service, Opera aims to deepen users “security and privacy through an encrypted tunnel that protects users’ data against third parties and ensures their geographical location”.

According to Krystian Kolondra, executive vice president of the company, people can recover the power and control of transactions through blockchain technology thanks to the security and data protection it provides.


Source: Cointelegraph

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