Cyberattack affected MGM resort operations

The MGM hotel complex in Las Vegas suffered a new cyberattack that affected reservations, online payments and the casino

The MGM resort in Las Vegas reported this Monday that they were the target of a new cyberattack that affected all of their operations, particularly the reservations area, online payments and the casino.

The functions were interrupted, leaving the resort out of service, which triggered the immediate investigation of the events.

The closure of security and other specific systems was the first measure taken by the hotel complex that is visited by thousands of casino enthusiasts in Las Vegas.

Customers expressed their annoyance about check-in through paperwork, given that the digital system was not operational, in addition to the impossibility of making purchases in restaurants and bars or using the casino, because they could not use their credit cards. credit.


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(Referential image source: David Vives, Unsplash)

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