WhatsApp announces some innovations for 2022

The company hopes to improve the experience and privacy of its users in the WhatsApp messaging service

The popular WhatsApp messaging service, owned by the giant company Meta, could incorporate some novel changes in its application from 2022, in order to improve the experience of its users.

Here are some of the innovations that the courier service promises:


This is a function that emerged in the social network Instagram, also owned by Meta, to compete mainly against the TikTok platform. Now WhatsApp is expected to allow its users to play Instagram videos. At the moment, Android users have the opportunity to see the Instagram reels shared by their contacts without having to leave the application.

Sign out of a single device

WhatsApp developers continue to work to offer more convenience to their users. Although until now a person could only disconnect from all devices, rumors suggest that in 2022 they will be able to log out of a single device and remain connected in others. This feature has already been tested by users of the WhatsApp beta version.

Delete messages without time limits

Currently, WhatsApp users only have 68 minutes and 16 seconds to completely delete a message sent by mistake. However, it is possible that in new updates to the app they no longer have this limit. This means that any message can be deleted, both in a private conversation and in a group chat, at any time.

WhatsApp anuncia innovaciones para 2022

To read later

This tool is in fact an updated version of archived chats. Allows you to turn off notifications for a specific conversation. It is expected that it will also include the so-called vacation mode that will allow to silence all chats at the same time. The function will be available in the settings menu of the app.

Invisible mode

WhatsApp proposes to eliminate the last hour in which someone connected to the application, but now you can choose who the user does it with. Previously, this option was available; however, it applied to all contacts. With the new updates that will arrive to the application in 2022 this will change, since the messaging service will allow you to hide the last time you were online only to some contacts that you select from your list.

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