Cryptocurrency scams increased between January and March

Cryptocurrency thefts amounted to more than USD 500 million from January to March of this year

Cryptocurrency scams increased during the first quarter of this year, exceeding $500 million.

The information comes from a new report from the cybersecurity company CertiK, where it details that the thefts through digital currencies occurred through exploits and hacks in related apps.

Certik points out that “January was the month with the most cybersecurity incidents. Of the 223 cases recorded, at least 78 occurred during said period, resulting in losses of more than USD 193 million.”

The ethereum ecosystem accounted for the majority of the thefts, for “some 132 incidents that resulted in the theft of USD $139 million during this first quarter.”

On the other hand, through the hack, funds were stolen from Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen, who a few weeks ago lost about USD 112 million in XRP tokens from his personal wallet.

The report from the cybersecurity company highlighted that during the month of March there were more than 30 attacks, where the most notable is the “exploit perpetrated against the Munchables gaming platform, which led to the theft of about USD $62.8 millions that were later returned.”


Source: diariobitcoin

(Reference image source: FlyD in Unsplash)

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