CryptanPay will accept payments in cryptocurrencies and amounts in euros

The objective is to offer a platform for the benefits of any company without having knowledge about the crypto world

The Criptan firm launched the CriptanPay platform, with the aim of allowing any company to accept payments in digital currencies from anywhere in the world and receive euros in bank accounts affiliated with the companies that carry out the transactions.

The information was released by the co-founder and CEO of Criptan, Jorge Soriano, to Cointelegraph from Spain, on January 19th: “The objective is to offer a tool so that any company, without having knowledge about the crypto world, can accept payments in cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world and receive the total amount in euros, in your bank account ”.

How does the tool work?

Soriano also specified the methodology of the tool and what are the steps that must be followed for the registration of the company as well as the realization of the respective transactions: “The seller decides what amount of the payment received in cryptocurrencies he wants to automatically convert to euros and what amount wants to keep in cryptocurrency. For this, sellers must first register. All shipments go to the seller’s wallet in Criptan. From that wallet the seller can send to other wallets or the sale and withdrawal of the conversion to euros.

The firm also explained that one of the main objectives of this project is to bring the world of cryptocurrencies closer to Spanish society: “We seek to make it easy and that is why we have created a platform accessible to any type of user, especially those who do not have previous knowledge We want to help in the transition to new technologies.”

According to the company’s statements, they are willing to comply with existing laws in the market, ensuring that they have a strict system to fully implement anti-money laundering legislation.


Source: thenoticiasbitcoin

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