Coinbase will add 8 cryptocurrencies to its commercial listing

If the evaluation process is approved, the platform will officially list something, cosmos, dash, decred, matic, harmony, ontology and waves

The Coinbase exchange announced that it will soon incorporate new digital currencies to its commercial listing. The team is conducting the relevant studies and work to add support to a new group of digital assets.

Among the new currencies are algorand, cosmos, dash, decred, matic, harmony, ontology and waves. The exchange platform indicated that it carried out the due process of analysis and evaluation for the aforementioned digital currencies.

With the integration, the company seeks to offer a greater variety to customers as well as greater liquidity for the crypto ecosystem market, always guaranteeing relevant aspects such as the safety of operations and compliance with applicable regulatory measures.

The firm did not offer an exact date for the incorporation of digital currencies to its platform, it indicated that the list of cryptocurrencies will depend on the jurisdiction where the exchange operates, as long as the corresponding review is made and the authorities approve the commercialization of the asset.

It also indicated that, although the aforementioned currencies are in the process of revision, it is still possible that some of these assets will not be listed, in case there is an operational problem that undermines the current principles and standards.

L. Sáenz

Source: Diario Bitcoin

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