COVID-19 vaccine scams reported by Internet users

Internet users indicated that there is a wave of offers for the acquisition of drugs that help prevent the coronavirus

Internet users have recently reported that cybercriminals are offering alleged coronavirus vaccines traded in cryptocurrencies.

The threat detection company ESET is analyzing this type of phenomenon with respect to the sale of this input within the dark web.

Through a statement, the firm highlighted that within the web markets there are different types of vaccine offers, valued between 300 and 500 dollars in cryptocurrencies.

The company indicated that while most of these items are aimed at the European and North American market, the items may be in demand around the world.

On the other hand, there is a scam in a supposedly varied offer in terms of the clinical laboratory that would produce the drug.

“These offers are mostly advertised as for personal use, appealing to the delays in the distribution times of the vaccine, although these products can also be found for ‘wholesale’ sale, with ads for batches of 10 vaccines against COVID-19 for resale in other markets on the Internet or clandestinely off the web”, he pointed out.

ESET indicated that cybercriminals add credibility to these ads using traditional social engineering methods: they publish from the profile of a seller who has a positive and solid reputation on the platform.

K. Tovar

Source: Cobertura360

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