Caracas Stock Exchange will raise funds for investment in technology and renew facilities

The Caracas Stock Exchange will hold its Shareholders' Meeting on April 10

With the aim of raising funds for the renovation plan of its facilities and investing in technology, especially in an application that will allow investing in the market from a smartphone, the board of directors of the Caracas Stock Exchange will propose to its shareholders the capital increase, through the issuance of 6,000,000 new shares, at a value of 0.10 dollars.

Among the points on the agenda of the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting, which will be held on April 10, 2024, in a hybrid manner, according to the call published this Thursday; The issuance of 500 thousand shares is also proposed for the “Share Incentive Plan for Employees of the Caracas Stock Exchange”, which seeks to reward effort and generate a sense of belonging, as a way to socialize the company’s capital.

The newly elected Board of Directors of the Caracas Stock Exchange has proposed to promote the growth of the stock market, to be a key factor in the nation’s economic plan.

The Caracas Stock Exchange, in the last month, has developed several actions to improve the image of the institution, such as the recent lighting of its name and logo. The upcoming installation of a billboard screen on the façade of the building is also planned, which will allow prices and news from the economic field to be seen.

With information and image provided by the Caracas Stock Exchange

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