Business travelers in favor of innovation in tourism industry

A study carried out by Spanish travel management company CWT found that 83% of travelers, including millennials and generation X, welcome innovation in the travel sector

Technology provides solutions to the tourism sector, through innovative communication platforms, security systems based on artificial intelligence, online reservations, individual check-ups at airports and other novelties that provide peace of mind, efficiency, convenience and speed.

The Spanish travel management company CWT certifies the trend through a study that shows that the Spanish are “above the European average (66%) with 83% in favor of innovation, and lead the way world ranking only surpassed by Argentines and Mexicans, both with a percentage of 85% “.

Pacific Asia stands out in the study for being the only region where millennials top the list with 79%, followed by business travelers of generation X who represent 75% in favor of the latest technological developments.

In the case of America, the travelers of the generation X are in first place with 78%, then there are the millennials with 76% and in the third rung the boomers with 70%. In Europe, on the other hand, millennials reach 64%.

All passenger segments highlight the benefits of technology through the smartphone that allows you to download applications for the purchase of tickets, pay for packages, reservations at hotels or select the restaurant of preference, among others. “Smartphones are considered the most important device by 86% of American travelers, 83% of those in Pacific Asia and 73% of Europeans,” according to the study.

Online billing and retinal scan

The results of the study establish the preference of business travelers for online billing between 18% and 45%. It is followed by Google services between 16% and 42%, “online booking tools (14% and 44%), and mobile travel apps (12% and 41%)”.

The list of innovations also includes fingerprint scanners and retinal recognition as security mechanisms in airports and that move the identity document (8% and 16%). The facilities provided by the online visa application (5% and 22%), the Global Entry (5% and 13%), the VTC (5% and 26%) and the kiosks managed by robots in hotels and airports (5% and 17%) complete the selection of innovations that business travelers prefer.



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