Blockchain investments will reach almost $ 3 million in 2019

A report prepared by the IDC also determined that in the next 5 years these funds will reach up to 12.4 billion dollars

The services consulting firm International Data Corporation (IDC) published a report stating that in 2019 investments in blockchain tecenology will reach almost three billion dollars.

The IDC also published estimates of growth for such investments over the next 5 years, which shows a rate of 76% per year and an expenditure of 12.4 billion dollars by 2022.

This report analyzed the emerging blockchain market by evaluating spending data for 10 technologies in 19 industries and 15 use cases in nine geographic regions.

The sector that will benefit most from these investments will be the financial sector. The report states that there will be a volume of 1.1 billion dollars exclusively for finance.

The next areas to get benefits will be the manufacturing sector and the retail and professional services industries, which will show blockchain spending of $ 653 million and $ 642 million this year, respectively.

K. Tovar

Source: Businesswire

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