Binance to launch its own debit card in April

The initial testing phase will be held in Malaysia and it was made official to the world on March 26

Cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance announced the launch of its own debit card next April, issued by Visa, and will initially be available in Southeast Asia.

The company claims that like most other cryptocurrency cards, the Binance Card enables its users to spend their crypto assets by converting them to fiat money and supporting established debit card networks.

Josh Goodbody, Head of Growth at Binance Card, explained to Cointelegraph that “Initially, users can deposit BNB and BTC on their Binance cards directly from their wallet or any other wallet.”

Goodbody also noted the company’s plans to expand its services on a global scale. “We will first introduce the beta version of the Binance Card in Malaysia this April, and we will add more regions for the rest of this year. We see this as a global product.

The exchange’s leadership on the blockchain platform carries a responsibility towards the ecosystem. Binance continues to expand its fiduciary bridge options daily by integrating multiple banking and debit card partners to enable users to purchase cryptocurrencies as easily as possible anywhere in the world.


Source: cointelegraph

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