The United Kingdom strengthens work protection measures

The country extends self-employment coverage to 80 % of salary due the coronavirus

The Government of the United Kingdom has decided to extend the self-employed 80 % salary protection, up to a maximum of £ 2,500 (2,731 euros), which was announced last week for all workers.

The UK Minister for Finance and Finance Officer, Rishi Sunak, explained in the daily press conference that offers the British executive that the approval of this protection scheme has been “complex” because of the diversity of situations in which find the self-employed.

“You have not been forgotten, we are not going to leave you behind, we are all together,” stressed Sunak, addressing to the self-employed sector.

To calculate the amount that corresponds to each autonomous, the Government will use the monthly average of their income during the last three years. The salary protection will extend for three months to from June, but the minister has assured that it will be extended in case it is necessary. In addition, the self-employed workers who receive this help will be able to continue their activities normally.

“We will cover the same amount of income to the self-employed as if we are covering workers for other areas (…). That is the difference of our program from any other country in the world and makes our scheme to be one of the most generous in the world,” added Sunak.

To guarantee the sustainability of public coffers and avoid fraud, the Minister of Finance has qualified that they will be the only ones to choose this special protection the self-employed who receive less than 50,000 pounds (55,091 euros) a year, those already registered as freelancers and those who get most of their income from their self-employment.

“In the last two weeks we have put aside ideology and orthodoxy to mobilize all the power and resources of the British State,” said Sunak.

Source: dpa

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