Banplus enables space to make contributions to foundations

The natural and legal clients of the universal bank can make voluntary donations to five Venezuelan social development organizations

The financial institution set up a space on its Banplus OnLine platform so that its natural and legal clients can make voluntary contributions to foundations and non-governmental organizations allied to the Bank, in order to support them for the continuation of their operations as they have been affected by the pandemic.

This is an initiative of Banplus Banco Universal in solidarity with commendable NGOs,foundations and non-profit civil associations that have been providing support in the field of health and education, supporting them in various circumstances and even difficult moments in which it is even more important to be there for them. side. Such help consists of recognizing their work and ensuring the continuity of their activities, which mean so much to the Venezuelan community.

The five institutions benefiting from this collaboration and promotion modality are the Venezuelan Foundation Against Infantile Paralysis, the Alzheimer Foundation of Venezuela, the Good Samaritan Foundation, the Anticancer Society of Venezuela and Superatec.

With the voluntary contributions made by clients, each foundation contributes every day to the country through its efforts to protect patients with different pathologies, promote technological education, and help the most vulnerable, among other social actions.

The mechanism to make and process donations is available at any time and day of the year in which you want to collaborate. The Bank’s customer only has to log in to Banplus On Line, access the “Transfers” section and then select “Contributions”. Once in the section, you can read brief descriptions of each foundation, choose one of them and indicate the amount to be transferred in national currency.

With this initiative, Banplus reaffirms its commitment as a socially responsible financial institution that continues to make a country hand in hand with those who also make a country, under any circumstance.

G. Febres

Sources: The Summary and Double Key, with information from Banplus

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