Bancamiga reaches El Hatillo with its agency number 36

In the space of more than 400 square meters, Bancamiga visitors and customers will have facilities that will make the experience of going to a bank different and closer

With an innovative concept, designed to facilitate customer operations, Bancamiga Banco Universal inaugurated this Friday, December 16, its El Hatillo branch, the first in this important municipality in the southeast of Caracas.

In more than 400 square meters, customers will coexist with four ticket offices, rooms for doing business with Specialized Banking professionals, a VIP space and a cafeteria area, among others.

The spacious and modern agency, which was intervened by the artist María Fernanda Lairet, is located on Avenida Sur in the La Lagunita Country Club urbanization, El Hatillo – La Lagunita Shopping Center (Paseo El Hatillo – La Lagunita), Miranda state. It will have a team of seven professionals, including an office manager, an assistant manager, three business executives and two cashiers.

Visitors will have the opportunity to open accounts in bolivars and in foreign currency, learn how to participate in the Exchange Table and about the potential of the Points of Sale, the most versatile in the market. They are immediately delivered, wireless and have Contactless technology.

They may also request the Mastercard Debit Card, which among its benefits, in addition to contactless payment, include the possibility of making purchases online, using it at national and international points of sale and withdrawing cash from international ATMs.

For the Executive President of Bancamiga, Ariel José Martínez Coujil, the agency that opens in El Hatillo will show visitors and clients the products and services of an innovative bank, which seeks to satisfy the needs of clients, offering them opportunities for their businesses and ventures grow.

“At Bancamiga we work every day with the commitment to bank the largest number of Venezuelans and that all our benefits reach each region and community in Venezuela. In El Hatillo there is a rural area that we want to be part of a bank, which is among the first in the country’s financial system and which has just been certified by the international firm in organizational culture, Great Place to Work, as a great place to to work”.

The agency joins the other 35 that Bancamiga has in Venezuela, 13 of which were opened in the last two years: La Rinconada, Porlamar, Acarigua, Guanare and Maracaibo in 2021, and El Tigre, Barquisimeto Este, Puerto Cabello, Coro , Ciudad Ojeda, Cagua, San Cristóbal and El Hatillo in 2022.

With information from Bancamiga

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