Bancamiga Points of Sale allow you to play and win the lottery

Ana Aponte and Alberto Jaramillo were the winners of the first draw for El Terminalito of the Cojedes Lottery and Ruleta Royal (animalitos) of the Aragua Lottery through the Bancamiga POS, which leaves merchants with 7 % of the play

Bancamiga Banco Universal applauds the perseverance of its customers and accompanies them in all their successes. Last week the initial draw was made for El Terminalito of the Cojedes Lottery and Ruleta Royal (animalitos) of the Aragua Lottery, through the Bancamiga Points of Sale that leave 7 % of the play to merchants, reports a statement from the financial institution.

With great joy and with the wow factor present, two merchants triumphed in the first play of these lotteries. Both Ana Aponte and Alberto Jaramillo expressed feeling very lucky and described the process as an easy and fast experience, adds the information.

“The process of playing was quite simple. I am a merchant and that is why I decided to bet with my point of sale. The surprise was that I was the winner in Ruleta Royal and El Terminalito”, said Aponte.

He also claimed to receive the funds in his mobile payment immediately and without complications. “I got the money quickly and then the notification of the payment,” he said.

Alberto Jaramillo, from Boca de Uchire (Anzoátegui), also expressed his joy at being the winner in the Ruleta Royal draw.

“I feel very happy. My initial goal was to test the benefits of my point of sale because I am a merchant and the experience was great, simple and fast”, he explained.

A simple process, but one that offers many dividends

The executive president of Bancamiga, Ariel José Martínez, made a reference and explained that to use this facility in the Bancamiga POS it is necessary to go to Bancamiga Online and enable the Lottery module. To do this, you must select the “Other services” option, then “POS Management” and finally “Lottery”. Then at the POS, the merchant must download the parameters.

Players who are successful in any of the draws will be deducted 16 % of the total amount for taxes.

Since last week, through the Bancamiga POS you can also play Triple Zulia of the Zulia Lottery, adding these three lotteries to other facilities of the points of sale such as the possibility of recharging Digitel, Movistar, Movilnet, Simple TV and Inter. cancel the Cantv bill, seal the 5Y6 and play El Andinito of the Táchira Lottery.

In this way, Bancamiga continues to strengthen all its channels to offer innovation and contribute to the growth of the commerce sector and the country’s economy in general; concludes the information provided.

With information from Bancamiga

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