Alibaba prepares its luxury store in the metaverse

Since its launch, the metaverse has welcomed fashion brands, particularly luxury ones. Alibaba signs up with the next launch of its new store of the future

Shoppers using the Alibaba electronics conglomerate will soon have a new luxury store in the metaverse. This is the brand’s new commitment to get in touch with its customers immediately, safely and reliably.

To satisfy the most refined tastes, Alibaba joins other brands that since the launch of the metaverse have joined the new trend of having a presence in the virtual environment.

Without a doubt, the presence in the metaverse is the most ideal to enhance the interaction between merchants and customers. Alibaba takes advantage of this versatility to reach the segment with the highest purchasing power in China.

Success seems to be assured through a series of updates and virtual events. This joins the 3D shopping campaigns, use of virtual reality and augmented reality that Alibaba has already been implementing, which seeks to build the largest luxury market by 2025.


Digital experiences in the metaverse

The immersive experience is highly appealing to shoppers, who love the super pets, that are now replacing supermodels in digital runway shows. In addition, they can take selfies with the super pets, participate in exhibitions and prize draws.

It is important to mention Alibaba’s innovation in this segment through the launch of the Meta Pass, which allows the customer VIP digital access to the portfolio of Burberry or Max Mara products. Also, they offer certified guarantees based on blockchain, to provide security to buyers.


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Source: peru-retail

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