Bancamiga launched its hamburger through a sensory marketing experience

The activity was carried out at the Ávila Burger restaurant in the Los Palos Grandes Gastronomic Square, where diners can already enjoy the new product

Bancamiga is an innovative bank, a fan of sports and a lover of gastronomy, which is why, as part of the celebration of World Hamburger Day, which is celebrated every May 28, it formed an alliance with Ávila Burger and the Culinary Institute of Caracas, to offer their own hamburger, which is available from Thursday, August 17.

The launch of the hamburger was held in the Los Palos Grandes Gastronomic Square and offered a unique sensory marketing experience to all its diners so that they could keep it in their memory through its smell, taste or texture.

This type of marketing seeks to involve the consumer with the purpose of associating positive values ​​with the brand. This activity seeks to evoke emotions, memories or awaken the client’s imagination through the Bancamiga values ​​that are innovation, honesty, trust, service and empathy, reported the financial institution.

The event was attended by the designer, universal viceroy of beauty and ambassador of the institution, Amanda Dudamel, representatives of the media and “influencers” of digital media.

The Bancamiga hamburger combines ingredients such as double meat smash with chistorras, pretzel-type bread, American cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickles and a special sauce, which together are a delight to the palate.

Its creator was the ICC student Ramsés Bruno, 18 years old. He affirmed that studying at the Culinary Institute of Caracas gave him the necessary tools to be the lucky one today to present a hamburger with a creative concept for diners to enjoy.

“I was inspired by the value of trust. That is something that its flavor captures precisely. She is trustworthy and close. It is for all tastes and ages. I am very happy to be part of this pleasant experience”, he commented.

Bancamiga: An innovative proposal

“An important aspect of this initiative is that the hamburger has a social sense, because its purchase will benefit students from the Culinary Institute of Caracas (ICC)”, highlighted the President of the Board of Directors of Bancamiga Banco Universal, Carmelo De Grazia. He was pleased with this initiative because it is perfectly aligned with the innovation that defines the bank.

The Director of Payment Methods and Channels, Alberto Camardiel, expressed that it is a great initiative to position Bancamiga through a hamburger that represents the values ​​of the institution.

“This strategic alliance is wonderful, because it not only allows people to get to know Bancamiga through a hamburger that contains its essence and values, but also provides the opportunity to present highly innovative gastronomic proposals,” he said.

For Amanda Dudamel, Bancamiga broke schemes through a hamburger.

“My experience has been spectacular…in a single bite, customers can taste the essence of the bank. I think that schemes were broken with this proposal that makes Bancamiga relations with a smell or a flavor”.

The journalist Ana Virginia Escobar said that Bancamiga is “disruptive when launching a hamburger.”

“The Bancamiga hamburger has a fresh, young, empathetic concept and it is because it reflects what we are as a disruptive and innovative organization,” added Escobar.

An important aspect of this initiative that stands out is that the hamburger – as Carmelo De Grazia pointed out – has a social sense or purpose, because its purchase will benefit ICC students.

In the first phase, it can be tasted in the Ávila Burger restaurants in the Los Palos Grandes Gastronomic Square and in the Valle Arriba shopping center.

The influencers speak

Each influencer described their sensory experience of tasting the burger and put their own distinctive stamp on it.

Ashly Prieto ( “It’s innovative”

“When I tried the Bancamiga hamburger, it seemed like a super innovative concept that is different from any I have tried. I definitely recommend it.”

Caracas the city (@caracaslaciudad): “It’s trying a young bank”

“We are very sure that all young people use Bancamiga, and we are not surprised that you are the first to make a hamburger because you are a young and friendly bank.”

Dorita Gakneras (@doritag): “It’s a bite that connects you with empathy”

“I am very happy to live this experience because it made me connect with beautiful memories and taste empathy in a very delicious hamburger. Really 20 points”.

An experience that was born with Avichef

Within the framework of World Hamburger Day, Ávila Burger and Bancamiga held the 2023 edition of the Avichef contest, in which four ICC students had the opportunity to create their own hamburger and compete among themselves to choose the best one.

After a week of preparation and showing their creations to all the diners at Ávila Burger, the final contest was held. A jury selected Camila Calderón as the winner for “La Parrillera” and in parallel, “La Central”, by Ana Julia Marcial, was chosen as the bestseller.

A few weeks later, the Bancamiga hamburger contest was held, where Adriana Pascarella and Ramsés Bruno presented two innovative proposals with a concept inspired by the bank’s values.

After evaluating aspects such as flavor, texture, presentation, concept and creativity, the jury, headed by the Executive President, Ariel Martínez, chose Bruno’s hamburger in a very close finale.

In this way, Bancamiga continues to strengthen its brand on a national scale and positions itself as one of the main financial entities in Venezuela.

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