Bancamiga increased the limit of its credit cards

From now on, customers have more resources on their Visa and Mastercard cards

Bancamiga increased the limit of its credit cards, which will allow its clients to have greater liquidity to spend and invest.

The President of the Board of Directors of Bancamiga, Carmelo De Grazia, said that Bancamiga, always attentive to the requirements and needs of Venezuelans, decided to expand from now on the limits of its Visa and Mastercard credit cards, which will allow “our clients have more resources for themselves and their families.”

The increase in limits varies depending on the credit history of each client, said Ariel José Martínez, Executive President of the Bank, who assured that the increase is part of Bancamiga’s strategies to promote the well-being of its clients.

Bancamiga had previously raised the limits of its cards in the month of December, allowing many Venezuelans to make purchases to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

To know the new limits, clients must enter Bancamiga en Línea through and through the Bancamiga Suite application.

How to apply for your Bancamiga credit card?

Customers interested in applying for the credit cards offered by Bancamiga must go directly to any of its 47 agencies in the country, with the following completed application:

Once the collections have been delivered, Bancamiga will carry out the financial evaluation.

With information and image from Bancamiga Banco Universal

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