Bancamiga adds contactless technology to its credit cards

With these payment instruments, Bancamiga customers can make their purchases by simply bringing their cards to Bancamiga Points of Sale or those that have NFC technology, which allows electronic payment without contact

Bancamiga takes a new step by offering its customers the Mastercard Black and Mastercard Club VIP credit cards with Contactless technology, after it was the first Venezuelan bank to launch the Mastercard Debit Card that allows contactless payment.

Any Bancamiga customer has the possibility of making their purchases electronically by simply bringing these financial products to Bancamiga Points of Sale or those with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

The executive president of Bancamiga, Ariel José Martínez Coujil, expressed that speed and comfort are two of the main advantages of this technology, through which data can be exchanged between two devices wirelessly.

“As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, contactless digital payments grew in the world and Bancamiga has maintained its progress in this regard. We were the first bank to incorporate the possibility of contactless payment at our points of sale. It is a process as safe as doing it with a chip card, but more agile, practical and easy”.

Bancamiga reaffirms its innovative spirit

Now with the Mastercard Black and the Mastercard Club VIP, which offer multiple benefits to enjoy at any time and place in the world, such as access to VIP Lounges in international airports around the world, Bancamiga offers its customers two credit cards with contactless technology.

In the middle of this year, it launched the Mastercard Bancamiga debit card, the first in the country using this technology. It is a product that allows instant access to the funds that the client has in their CASH accounts or in Foreign Currency (euros and dollars). It also offers the possibility of making purchases online through platforms such as Amazon or Walmart and canceling Netflix, HBO Max or Disney Plus subscriptions, making withdrawals through international ATMs and executing payments through national and international points of sale.

With these three financial instruments with Contactless technology, Bancamiga reaffirms its innovative and disruptive spirit.

With information from Bancamiga

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