Apple seeks to remove Google from its operating system

Apple is working on improving its mapping, search and online advertising services to get rid of Alphabet's services on iOS, according to former company engineers

Apple is working on improving its own map, search, and online advertising services with the intention of getting rid of Alphabet (Google’s parent company) services from its mobile operating system.

According to statements from two former Apple engineers, the company holds a “grudge” against Google since it acquired the Android operating system and made it the primary software for mobile phones.

The company is directing a “silent war” against the search engine to advance in fundamental sectors such as maps, developing features that allow separating Google products from its iOS operating system.

One of the latest improvements is Business Connect, a feature that allows businesses to customize their information cards in the map service, so they can interact with users, share offers and other content. With this launch, it differentiates itself from Google by offering iOS users features that can only be obtained with this app and therefore this operating system.

K. Tovar

Source: ElPaís

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