Apple releases iOS version 16.4

The brand created by Steve Jobs updated the iPhone operating system with an investment that incorporates security improvements, new emojis and detection of duplicate photos and videos

Apple released version 16.4 of the iOS mobile operating system, which in addition to introducing new emoji and corrections, incorporates notifications on the home screen of web applications and prioritizes voice in calls over ambient sound in a new feature.

The new set of 21 emoji coming to iPhone include a pink heart, a shaking face, various animals (like a donkey, moose, goose, jellyfish, blackbird, and wings), and elements like a fan or maracas.

Along with the emoji, the technology company incorporated web application notifications on the home page and a feature in calls that isolates the voice from ambient noise. It has also optimized accident detection for iPhone and iPhone 14 Pro devices, as stated on the Apple Support page.

In the Accessibility settings, iOS 16.4 has an option to automatically fade a video when it shows bright lights like flash or strobe effects. And in the Weather app it supports VoiceOver screen reader.

The new iOS update will also detect duplicate photos and videos in a shared iCloud album, and fix several bugs, including one where child purchase requests on parental devices failed.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: MacRumors)

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