USA proposes economic recovery plan for Venezuela

On Wednesday, 15 members of the Senate Chamber of the United States introduced legislation to grant $ 400 million for economic aid to Venezuela

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow reported on Wednesday that the United States has an economic recovery plan ready for Venezuela once there is a change of government, with the departure of Nicolás Maduro.

Although sanctions against current government officials have been intensified and extended to the state oil company PDVSA, a group of 15 senators proposed legislation to inject US $ 400 million for the economic recovery and restructuring of Venezuela.

The Democratic leader of the Committee on Foreign Relations Robert – Bob – Menéndez indicated that the measure will facilitate providing aid to Venezuelans and achieve a peaceful exit. The United States works with banks in the region to achieve these objectives.

The senators do not leave aside humanitarian aid to Venezuelans, currently subjected to hyperinflation estimated at an unusual 10,000,000%, severe power failures that have caused millions in losses, shortages of food and medicines, which has led them to migrate to other nations.

Marco Rubio, senator for the Republican Party, ratified his support for the people of Venezuela on their way to the recovery of democracy. Other sponsors of the recovery plan are Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, Todd Young, Lindsey Graham, John Barrasso, Bill Cassidy and Josh Hawley; in addition to Democrats Robert-Bob-Menéndez, Dick Durbin, Ben Cardin, Tim Kaine, Jeanne Shaheen, Michael Benne and Chris Coons.


Source: Reuters

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