Apple recommends not covering the camera slot on MacBooks

The company instructed its users not to use protectors to cover this device, as this could cause damage to the screen

Apple warned users of MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro about not to use protectors to cover the camera of computers, and that if they do so, avoid to closing the equipment with protectors on since they could damage the screen.

The company highlighted on its Support page that the separation between the screen and the keyboard is not enough to add an accessory, such as a camera protector.

Apple also explained that covering the camera could also damage the ambient light sensors, which would affect functions such as automatic brightness or True Tone technology, which makes the images on the screen appear more natural.

As an alternative to protectors to cover the camera, the technology recommends users to use the indicator light of the camera that includes the device to warn if the camera is active.

The camera built into Apple computers has a light that glows green when the camera is active. In this sense, the camera cannot be activated without the light also turning on.

K. Tovar

Source: dpa

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