Apple introduced its new Apple Watch

The company created by Steve Jobs did this in the theater that bears the name of its creator, where they also showed the newest model of their cheapest iPad

Apple presented on Tuesday at the Steve Jobs Theater of its headquarters in Cupertino (United States) the fifth generation of its Apple Watch smart watches, as well as the renewal of its cheaper iPad, the 9.8-inch model, which now passes to have 10.2.

Apple CEO Tim Cook referred to the new iPadOS specific system for his tablets presented at his WWDC developer event, which he said “is transformed the way we create and play”, with more than one million applications adapted for the largest screen dimensions.

The 9.8-inch iPad is Apple’s tablet model chosen by 60% of new users of the iPad family, and now Apple introduced the seventh generation of its most affordable tablets.

The traditional 9.8-inch iPad have been renewed with a 10.2-inch Retina display with triple pixels and a 3.7-fold viewing angle, which is also twice as powerful.

The iPadOS system has improved the multitasking capabilities of the tablet, allowing to open several applications in split screen, with special adaptation of Apple apps such as the Safari browser.

The device also adds SD card slot and improves the functions of Apple Photos. The company shared some of its technical characteristics, such as its 100 percent recyclable aluminum design, the use of an 8MP camera and its 10 hours of battery life.

K. Tovar

Source: Infobae

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