Android 14 will block downloads on outdated OS

The new Android 14 operating system will not allow updates within devices that have outdated versions

Android 14 will block the installation of applications targeting outdated versions of the Google-developed operating system in order to stop the spread of malicious software updates.

The Google Play Store encourages app developers to keep their apps up to date and reviews these latest versions so that users can safely access their features.

To offer this experience, the app store requires that all apps it hosts meet certain target API level requirements, as it reminds you on its support page. In it, it also reminds that from this month, the updates of applications must be directed to Android 12 or later versions.

However, users can download previous versions of the applications as long as their developers distribute APK files through alternative stores, which those interested must install manually and without going through the Play Store.

The company recently modified the code of its latest version of Android, which determines that the API requirements will be stricter in Android 14 and that it will block the installation of outdated applications.

This update then removes the option to download these outdated app APKs and alternative app stores will also be unable to offer these old versions of the apps.

Initially, devices running Android 14 will only block apps targeting older versions of Android, multiple outlets reported.

Source: dpa

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