AN forms a commission for consultation and discussion of the electoral issue

Taking into account this year's presidential elections, the National Assembly formed a commission to discuss the issue, with the participation of all political parties

The National Assembly of Venezuela announced the creation of a commission to discuss issues related to the elections that will take place this year. Members of political parties participate.

The president of the AN, Jorge Rodríguez, led the meeting, called the National Dialogue Day in Parliament, to achieve a schedule of activities for the 2024 presidential elections.

This is a permanent commission, open to the participation of all parties registered in the National Electoral Council. The draft with the proposals is ready and will be delivered to said organization in the coming days.

The president of the AN pointed out that “after receiving proposals, a definitive document will be available and another work day will be held the following Monday. All this for the purposes of signing a base document that will be brought before the CNE.”

Representatives of the parties that attended the discussion sessions agreed that the environment conducive to free elections without interference must be achieved, as desired by the Venezuelan people.


Source: elperiodicodemonagas

(Reference image source: @VPITV, X)

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