Amazon Spain offers three new advertising tools

The retail giant welcomes its advertising clients virtual through unBoxed where it explores technological solutions focused on creating connections with clients

Every year the e-commerce giant holds its Amazon Ads conference in order to investigate and analyze new solutions and technologies that will help different brands grow by creating connections with their users.

As consumer habits and tastes vary, it is necessary to create new public tools that adapt to these changes in an increasingly virtualized and competitive world where it is a priority to bring authentic relationships with customers.

This 2021 edition brought as a novelty three advertising formats that try to satisfy the expectations of users, additionally it also offered “omnichannel purchases” which involve interaction with content and brands in different spaces.

Sponsored Display in Twitch live streams

Streaming gains relevance every day and millions of people use it. Amazon stands out for having more than 30 million daily users who directly access its content and it was thanks to that strength that this new advertising format emerged to connect with the Twitch audience. “Sponsored display ads, which appear on the screen of users as banners, of different formats, can be found in the Twitch navigation tab as well as during broadcasts”, they can also be integrated with broadcasts directly, becoming a very attractive option for brands in countries such as “Spain, Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.”

Brand metrics

This tool offers a solution to quantify the opportunities of brands in each customer experience on Amazon. The metrics are designed as scales that measure the different purchasing interactions of the brand with the company and not just the interactions attributed to ads. Brands can also access “awareness and consideration” metrics, which will allow them to compare themselves with their peers, through predictive consideration and sales models, establishing statistics, long-term projections and knowing what drives the growth of their business.

Every week the reports are updated with information on the number of buyers according to visits to the “product detail page or brand searches, and the value of purchase interactions based on sales generated during a period of 12 months”.

Amazon Marketing Cloud update

This tool will offer companies a “safe and private environment”, allowing you to analyze and compare different data, not only from advertisers, but also from events, conversions, impressions made by Amazon Ads. All that information is inputs that facilitate the “measuring of their campaigns, adjusting their audiences, optimizing supplies and other actions with which advertisers will be able to make decisions about their marketing investments between the different available channels.”

M. Rodríguez


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