Amazon Drive will stop working in October

The technology giant Amazon indicated that it will remove the Amazon Drvie cloud photo storage application from the iOS and Android stores as of October 31 of this year. It will be replaced by Amazon Photos

Amazon announced that starting October 31, the Amazon Drive cloud photo storage app will be removed from the iOS and Android stores to be replaced by Amazon Photos.

Amazon Drive users will have the opportunity to support their photos and transfer them to another storage application until December 30, 2023, since on the 31st of that month all files will be deleted from the application.

According to information published by the online store, the main reason for this measure is that the Amazon Drive service is currently obsolete. They will go to Amazon Photos, a service that offers the user the possibility of saving images and videos with higher quality.

The calendar for the closure of the previous cloud storage application begins on October 31 of this year, with the removal of Amazon Drive from mobile phones and on Amazon’s own platform. On January 31, 2023, no more images will be allowed to be sent to cloud storage. And finally, on December 31, 2023, Amazon Drive will be completely gone.

Among the cloud photo storage alternatives that users can turn to are Google Drive, with a capacity of 15 GB or Mega, which allows you to download files and provides 20 GB free depending on the chosen plan.

On the other hand, there’s Box with 10 GB of free online storage, or Apple’s iCloud Drive, with 5GB of free storage. Dropbox can’t be left out, despite its modest 2GB of free storage.


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