50th anniversary of the Andean Community

The Andean Community (CAN), an organization made up of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, celebrates its 50th anniversary with a focus on the future but with many objectives to fulfill

To celebrate 50 years a presidential summit was held on Sunday in Lima, where the general secretariat of the organization is located. Evo Morales from Bolivia, Iván Duque from Colombia, Lenñin Moreno from Ecuador and Martín Vizcarra from Perú attended the meeting.

At the presidential meeting, a joint declaration was signed and the transfer of the pro tempore presidency of the agency to Bolivia took place. A meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs was organized beforehand, whit the participation of the general secretary of the CAN, Jorge Pedraza.

Despite having only four member countries, the CAN maintains a key strategic position at the intra-community level, where it is the source of a very dynamic and effective Free Trade Area. In the same way, it also remains in force after the appearance of successful commercial experiences such as the Pacific Alliance, of which its partners Peru and Colombia are part, along with Chile and Mexico.

The CAN seeks to move towards other niches and markets, giving impetus to exports and regional production in global markets. In this regard, the secretary general of the organization said that the constant growth of Andean exports to the world demonstrates the commercial dynamism of their countries and the strength of the entity.

In a presentation at the Inca Congress Jorge Pedraza emphasized that the Free Trade Zone allows the total of its products to circulate without paying tariffs and with Andean, supranational and direct application regulations among the members.


Source: Banca & Negocios 

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