AT&T will accept cryptocurrencies for payment

AT&T, recognized US telephone operator, announced that it is accepting digital currencies as an online payment option

AT&T became the first mobile phone operator in the United States to accept cryptoactive as a means of payment. For this purpose, they hired BitPay, a payment processor in digital currencies through which customers can pay their bills online.

To use the new function of the operator customers should simply log in to the official page as they always do and at the time of canceling they should select BitPay.

It is still unknown which cryptocurrencies to be accepted by the platform. However, the catalog is expected to include all major currencies for working with BitPay as a payment processor. This company has been widely used by firms from different sectors.

It is worth noting that the great adoption of the payment processor is also due to the fact that the Department of Financial Services of New York granted BitLicense, making it the eighth company to obtain it.

The press release that is posted on the brand’s official website states: “AT&T will now accept bill payments online through BitPay, a respected cryptocurrency payment processor. AT&T becomes the first major mobile operator in the United States to offer a payment option in cryptocurrencies to customers.”


Source: Coincrispy

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