YouTube launches its hashtag page

The social network launched the possibility of discovering specific content according to the # used

YouTube focused on the use of ‘hashtags’ to discover new content on the platform and introduced dedicated pages, which collect videos of a specific tag when it is clicked on in a video.

The video platform has been using ‘hashtags’ or tags for some time, which can be found in some videos. By clicking on these elements, users accessed a combination of content with that tag and related content.

Like almost everything in Google, and in much of the Internet, this new YouTube function works on the basis of algorithms. At the moment, it seems to be showing less accurate results than expected. However, the algorithm is expected to improve over time to meet its goal. From the company they have indicated in their support blog that “they will continue working on more updates.”

The company improved the effectiveness of this element and created the dedicated pages. Now, when a user clicks on a specific ‘hashtag’ on YouTube, they will see a new page where there will only be videos with that tag.

K. Tovar

Source: dpa

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