Xiaomi removes the surname “Mi” from its devices

The new measure, according to a company spokesperson, could come into effect from the third quarter of this year

Xiaomi announced the withdrawal of the surname ‘Mi’, which it currently uses in the names of a large part of its devices from phones to tablets or the Internet of Things, and which will become known as only ‘Xiaomi’.

The Chinese company decided to unify the denomination of its products internationally and in the Chinese market, where its devices were already known only as ‘Xiaomi’ followed by the rest of the name, while in the rest of the world they were called ‘Mi’.

This has been confirmed by a spokesman for the Chinese company, which has ensured that the change in the nomenclature of the products will take effect from the third quarter of this year 2021.

In this way, brand devices such as its current flagship, the Mi 11 smartphone, will become known only as Xiaomi 11, as it is already the case in China. This does not affect other products of the company, such as those belonging to the mid-range Redmi sub-brand.

The company defended that this measure seeks to “unify the global brand presence and close the perception gap between the brand and its products.” He also explained that the changes “could take time to take effect in all regions.”

K. Tovar

Source: Xataka

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