Xiaomi prepares a new family of devices

The Chinese brand announced that it is working on a family of phones aimed at a young audience

Xiaomi announced that it will present a new family of smartphones designed for young audiences, in which it will focus on design and innovation, especially on the camera.

Under the Civi name, the new line of phones will have a fashionable design and innovative imaging technology, as the company explains on its Weibo profile. That is, it will bet on the camera and the style.

Civi will be aimed at young people, and it is expected to replace the CC family, which launched a single model in China two years ago, CC9, in which the photographic section also stood out and had an affordable price.

The presentation of the Civi family will take place on September 27 in China, and at the moment it is unknown if it will be traded out of the Asian market.

Source: dpa

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