WhatsApp works on a new newsletter tool

The WhatsApp messaging platform could soon launch a new tool based on newsletters to an unlimited number of users

WhatsApp is working on launching an informative tool, in the style of newsletters. With this, a step is taken in the consolidation of the already known functionality of Communities.

It is no secret that social networks have now become the main means of information for people, as well as allowing them to report situations or do marketing.

In this sense, WhatsApp is working on a new information tool, such as a Newsletter, so that Communities can publish information easily and quickly.

Users will have the opportunity to directly select the newsletters, and also announcements, they wish to receive.

Although until now the final name of this tool has not been revealed, it is known that it is included in the latest update of the beta version for Android


With information from international media and news agencies

(Reference image source: Dimitri Karastelev, Unsplash)

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