WhatsApp will prevent screenshots of profile photos

The social network announced that it will eliminate the possibility of taking screenshots of profile photos

WhatsApp is developing a new feature to protect user privacy, which consists of blocking screenshots of profile photos.

The feature is available in version for some Android beta users, and is expected to roll out to more users in the coming weeks. The feature will allow users to prevent others from taking screenshots of their profile photos, which could prevent identity theft or harassment.

The aforementioned capture blocking function is added to other privacy measures

To activate the feature, users will need to go to WhatsApp privacy settings and select the option to block screenshots of profile photos. This way, when someone tries to take a screenshot of a profile photo, they will see a warning message preventing them from doing so.

The function of blocking screenshots of profile photos joins other privacy measures that WhatsApp has recently implemented, such as disappearing mode, which allows you to send messages that are automatically deleted after a while, or two-way verification steps, which reinforces the security of the account.

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