WhatsApp will keep chats archived despite new messages

The instant messaging network is working on this function, which would also bring new related features

WhatsApp continues the tests of its ‘Archived’ mode, a function that allows the conversations that the user has archived to remain this way even when new messages are received.

The ‘Archived’ mode, which had already been revealed in the code of previous versions of the application under the name ‘Vacation mode’, was now noticed in the latest beta of the messaging application for Android ( ).

Using the new application file, archived chat conversations are automatically muted, so that the user does not receive notifications if new messages are received, as has been the case up to now.

WhatsApp users have the possibility of accessing this function from the settings menu, by clicking on the ‘chats’ option, which includes a new function, ‘keep chats archived’, which can be activated and deactivated.

When the ‘Archived’ mode is activated, the chat window shows at the top the section where all the archived conversations are included, with a number to reflect the number of new messages received.

Likewise, among the novelties that WhatsApp tests in its beta for Android, there is also an option in the settings to automatically move chats that have been inactive for more than six months to the archive.

K. Tovar

Source: XatakaAndroid

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