WhatsApp will change the minimum age to use the application

The minimum age to use WhatsApp will go from 16 to 13 years old according to the next update of the platform's terms of service and privacy policies

Meta could delete accounts in the European region of children under 13 years of age on WhatsApp once the platform’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policies update is applied.

To comply with the requirements of the Digital Services Law and the Digital Markets Law, Meta has modified the minimum age to open an account on WhatsApp. Those under the limit, established at 13 years old, could lose their account.

The measure is already explicit in the Help Center, where it reads: “The minimum age in the European Region will be modified from 16 to 13 years.” This favors the connection of minors with their family and friends, which is seen as a positive development.

The measure is applied practically in parallel to the interoperability of WhatsApp with platforms such as Telegram, Signal or iMessage without having to leave the Meta application, maintaining end-to-end encryption in conversations.


Source: economiadigital

(Reference image source: Unsplash+, in collaboration with Annie Spratt)

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