VTB Bank of Russia will test the digital ruble among its employees

One of Russia's major banks, VTB Bank, indicated this week that it has the details ready to test the digital ruble among its employees this year

Russia, a country with a restrictive stance on the use of cryptocurrencies, will test digital ruble transactions internally at VTB Bank this year.

The financial institution, one of the main ones in the country, issued the announcement this week, noting that they have the initial schedule for the launch of the digital ruble that VTB Bank employees can use.

The president of the institution, Anatoly Pechatnikov, has indicated: “We have tested operations with digital rubles and the purchase of digital financial assets for digital rubles. This year, we plan to test operations with friends and family, which means that our bank employees will start paying with digital rubles in practice.”

The official has highlighted the security provided by the technology in which digital currencies are leveraged, not only for the economy but for citizens.

At the same time, the Russian government is studying modifications to the Central Bank Law, to the public and private banking system, as well as to payment systems and platforms, in order to adapt to the new financial scenarios.


Source: morocotacoin

(Reference image source: Marek Studzinski, Unsplash)

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