US to strengthen cooperation with EU on emerging technologies and economic security

During a meeting held this Wednesday in Sweden, the United States and the European Union decided to strengthen bilateral cooperation in key sectors, such as emerging technologies, sustainable trade and economic security

Cooperation on emerging technologies, sustainable trade and economic security was the key point discussed by the United States and the EU at the meeting held this Wednesday in Sweden.

During the fourth edition of the Trade and Technology Council (TTC), both regions issued a joint statement to highlight “the progress made in the field of semiconductors, implementing agreements on early warning in the supply chain and transparency in subsidies and putting into practice a mechanism to prevent competition for subsidies.”

Other topics related to the three main ones, also discussed during the meeting, include 6G wireless communications, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in industry and other areas, the manipulation of information and its effect on the youngest, commercial relations.

On transatlantic trade relations, both parties “agreed on a work program for the Transatlantic Initiative on Sustainable Trade, which will allow closer cooperation to advance the green transition, and adjust regulations related to export restrictions on items sensitive to Russia and Belarus.

Considering that in 2022 trade between the US and the EU reached a record figure of 1.55 trillion euros, during the meeting the parties reaffirmed their commitment to strengthen “commercial relations by facilitating them in key sectors”.


Source: finanzasdigital

(Reference image source: Alexandre Lallemand, Unsplash)

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