Russia increased phishing attacks in Ukraine in 2022

During 2022 it is estimated that the growth of these attacks was between 250 and 300 %

Russian government-backed cybercriminals increased the launch of phishing campaigns targeting Ukraine by 250% and increased the spread of phishing attacks to NATO countries by 300 % by 2022, compared to attacks registered in 2020.

One of the challenges facing Ukraine in the war caused by the Russian invasion is that its government is under constant pressure from various types of cyber-attacks, to gain a “decisive advantage” in wartime in cyberspace.

In this sense, during the course of the war that began on February 24 of last year, Google provided assistance in the field of cybersecurity to Ukraine, which the company itself defines as one of its “most important contributions to date.” “to help this country.

Despite these efforts, however, the tech giant has identified Russian government-sponsored attacks against Ukraine, as well as disinformation operations and findings related to the cybercrime ecosystem.

This was presented by Google in its report entitled “The fog of war: the conflict in Ukraine and the transformation of the cyber threat environment“, where it highlights how Russia has launched “very aggressive” attacks and “in several directions” to obtain advantages in war through cyberspace.

These efforts include campaigns designed to improve intelligence gathering, deploy destructive attacks against victim networks, and take active steps to “shape the information environment” in Moscow’s favor.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Kevin Ku, Unsplash)

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