Venezuelan opposition calls primary elections for October 22

Next October 22 will be the primary elections of the Venezuelan opposition, to choose the only candidate who will participate in the presidential elections scheduled for 2024

The Venezuelan opposition has announced the primary elections for next October 22 in which it aspires to elect a single candidate with whom to run in the future presidential elections, in an attempt to gain strength against the ruling party.

The National Primary Commission will be in charge of organizing this appointment. Its president, Jesús María Casal, has explained in a public act that the body will work for the sake of the reliability of the entire process, supported by opposition leaders such as Juan Guaidó or Henrique Capriles.

Casal aspires to obtain “reinforced legitimacy” based on “the common illusion of political change,” according to statements released by the commission itself. Among the issues that still need to be clarified is whether there will be any kind of collaboration with institutions such as the National Electoral Council, controlled by the government of Nicolás Maduro.

Guaidó has celebrated on Twitter the announcement of the date “to reunify the country and for hope to be reborn in Venezuela.” For his part, Capriles has also given his “support” to the Commission’s announcement on social networks, in which he sees “an important step for the construction of a solid political alternative that reaches to represent the interests of the majority of Venezuelans. “We believe that the change that our people long for is possible in 2024,” he said.

The main opposition groups in Venezuela refused to participate in the last elections due to the lack of democratic guarantees, but they have set themselves the goal of recovering the lost momentum with a view to future processes, still to be specified in the calendar.

Source: dpa

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