Venezuela works to digitize the economy to strengthen the bolivar

The Executive informed that he has arranged a series of serial programs in order to educate the people about the cryptoeconomy

This Thursday, President Nicolás Maduro expressed on the national network the importance of stimulating the financial engine in the country, and with it the need to digitize the economy in the Caribbean country, in order to strengthen the national currency and attract foreign currency.

As part of the strategies to promote the digital economy in the country, Maduro has had a series of serial programs, previously developed by the Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Telecomunicaciones e Informática (Uneti), and with them contribute to the strengthening of the technology and the digital economy of the Caribbean country.

For his part, the rector of the house of study, Carlos Berbecí, explained that one of the main objectives is to promote the crypto economy within and outside the Venezuelan borders, as well as to educate the population in the area of ​​technological innovation.

In this sense, the new task is to strengthen the management tools for cryptocurrencies in the country for the benefit of Venezuelans.

The virtual meetings will be held this Thursday, January 21 at 3:00 p.m. (local time) through the YouTube platform and will address topics such as: Electronic Commerce, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized Stock Market, Telecommuting, Neobank, Fintech, Sales platforms Online and Digital Marketing, among others.

K. Villarroel

Source: cointelegraph

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