Venezuela invited to participate in China’s lunar station project

China invited Venezuela to participate in its International Lunar Research Station project

In 2022, China announced progress towards the fourth phase of its Moon exploration project, called the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS). Now it has invited Venezuela to participate in said project.

The South American country is the first to be invited to be part of this initiative to investigate the planet’s satellite south pole, together with Russia.

The International Lunar Research Station includes the construction of this scientific exploration base. China is working hard to have the structure in place by 2028, “through its future Chang’e-6, -7 and -8 lunar probes.”

The Chinese and Russian project has involved a large investment, and they expect it to be operational in 2035.

Regarding the invitation to Venezuela, to participate in ILRS, the government of Nicolás Maduro issued a statement showing its welcome for the opportunity to join an initiative of such magnitude and importance.



(Reference image source: Benjamin Voros, Unsplash)

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