Venezuela to disconnect cryptocurrency mining farms

In a recent announcement, the Ministry of Electric Energy of Venezuela indicated that they will disconnect all cryptocurrency mining farms to control electrical demand

Given the crisis in the electrical sector, which keeps the country with permanent power cuts, the Ministry of Electrical Energy of Venezuela indicated that all cryptocurrency mining farms, which demand high consumption, will be disconnected.

The ministry tries, with this measure, to control demand and solve the power outages that continue especially in the interior of the country, affecting the normal development of the population and the national productive system.

The announcement was made on Friday, May 17, by the Ministry of Electric Energy (MPPPE), “which began a control plan for high energy consumption users linked to this activity.”

“The purpose is to disconnect all cryptocurrency mining farms in the country from the SEN, avoiding the high impact on demand, which allows us to continue offering an efficient and reliable service to all the Venezuelan people,” the MPPPE reported on Instagram.

This announcement was made after 2,000 cryptocurrency mining machines were seized in Maracay, Aragua state, on Thursday the 16th.


Source: vozdeamerica

(Reference image source: Traxer in Unsplash)

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