Venezuela suffers new electrical blackout

This Monday a new failure in the electric service in Caracas, the capital city, and other states of the country paralyzed all transportation system as commercial activity in general

A new blackout occurred on Monday in Venezuela, causing the collapse of the transport service and of commerce in general both in Caracas, the capital, as in other states of the country.

Medical assistance centers were affected as well as the Maiquetía International Airport, which remained without activity for the lack of energy after 4:00 in the afternoon.

According to the news in various media, as well as the citizens’ report through social networks, it was reported a serious electrical fault about midday.

The company Corpoelec, which in charge of all sectors connected to electrical supply, indicated that its staff is working to solve the fault and restore service as soon as possible in the States of Vargas, Capital District, Miranda, Lara, Anzoátegui, Nueva Sparta, Monagas, Merida, Zulia, Táchira, Trujillo and Bolívar.

The Minister of Electric Energy Luis Motta Domínguez, as well as the Communication Minister Jorge Rodríguez, spoke on the event in order to guarantee the tranquility of the citizens. In various municipalities of the capital were activated the security protocols and surface transport units were activated for the transfer of citizens to their destination.


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