USTB fund of tokenized assets launched in the United States

US tokenized asset manager Superstate launched the USTB fund for a group of buyers authorized by the SEC

The company Superstate, specialized in tokenized assets in the United States, launched the USTB fund for a select group of investors previously authorized by the SEC.

The fund will invest in short-term US Treasury bonds, charging a management fee of 15 basis points.

From Superstate they have indicated that investors will have the opportunity to “self-custody their USTB in an address of their choice.” In addition, they will have complete freedom to “use different security implementations, such as multi-signature wallets or multi-party computing (MPC), or traditional externally owned accounts (EOA) to protect assets.”

The USTB fund will become part of a competitive market for tokenized securities, where USD 862 million of Treasury securities have already been tokenized through various projects.

In information related to the launch of this fund, it was learned that other options for custody will be the federally authorized bank Anchorage Digital, as well as BitGo, which offers asset management solutions in addition to storage.


Source: cripto247

(Reference image source: Shubham Dhage at Unsplash)

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