United States authorities want to control NFTs to prevent electronic fraud

The US authorities want to give NFTs the qualification of securities to have control over them and prevent crimes such as money laundering and electronic fraud

Amid the indictment of a former OpenSea employee for alleged insider trading, US authorities are seeking ways to establish controls over NFTs. For this, they want to classify them as values.

Recently, during a presentation before the court of the Southern District of New York, the case of a former OpenSea employee, who was accused of using privileged data, was addressed. However, Nathaniel Chastain’s attorneys are fighting to have the charges of alleged money laundering and wire fraud dismissed.

The truth is that the accusations related to the use of privileged data, according to charges filed between June and September 2021 against Chastain, have been the trigger for the US tax authorities to settle in the fight to qualify the NFTs as securities and, in this way, be able to establish anti-money laundering and fraud controls on them.

This was pointed out a couple of months ago by Alma Angotti, a former SEC lawyer, emphasizing that this case could be the door to qualifying non-fungible tokens as securities.


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