Twitter no longer supports Tor Onion network privacy protection

Los desarrolladores de Tor Onion anunciaron que por los momentos no hay intenciones de renovar el servicio

Twitter stopped working with the privacy protection service Tor Onion and the developers of this anonymous network announced that at the moment there are no “renewal plans” to restore its compatibility.

Tor is a platform that allows access to the platform now owned by Elon Musk and that allows you to consult web pages privately, avoiding censorship in certain areas and hiding browsing data.

The social network launched a version as a Tor Onion service in March 2022 just a few days after Russia’s communications regulatory agency, Roskomnadzor, blocked access to Facebook and Twitter within Russian territory due to the war with Ukraine.

The social network Twitter would have decided to discontinue this service focused on the protection of privacy, according to the error page that is displayed when trying to access this service.

For his part, Tor Project’s communications director, Pavel Zoneff, announced that he has been in contact to re-establish the online service, but at the moment the platform’s plans are unknown.

Source: dpa

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