The new BitPay Send platform will allow to process payments on a large scale

The tool has been designed to make business payments using blockchain technology

Bitcoin payment processor BitPay has announced the launch of its new platform for large-scale cryptocurrency transactions, called BitPay Send, and is expected to be available in 225 countries and regions around the world.

This tool may become the most important launch of the next year thanks to its innovative ease of making payments in cryptocurrencies in a safe and reliable way.

So far, much information about its operation is unknown, but what is known is that the platform will have a shielding system that will offer reliability to user transactions, in addition to having an encrypted wallet to carry out operations.

It will no longer take days to complete a transaction since it will only take a few minutes to employees or customers to get the money they need.

BitPay is a company of American origin, based in Atlanta, and has been in the market for approximately 9 years, achieving great successes in the financial market. During this last year, almost 100,000 transactions have been processed on the platform each month

K. Villarroel

Source: cryptogaceta

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